Brief Description of what KAASON (U) LTD Does:

KAASON (U) LTD carries out value addition and trading in organic grains in Uganda. At KAASON, we pride in good relations with our suppliers who are indigenous farmers from Mt. Elgon area, the plains of Teso and Acholi land. We sort, clean, dry and pack grains like maize, millet and sorghum for the final consumer. We are also to carry out value addition in terms of milling the grains in to flour for both adults and children consumption.

Vision Statement:

To be a leading provider of Quality and healthy organic grains in Africa by 2027

Mission Statement:

Healthy feeding for humanity

Strategic Objectives
  • To provide high quality grains to the consumer
  • To provide healthy grains that are disease free to the consumer
  • To train and sensitize farmers in post-harvest handling techniques
  • To provide and train rural women on financial literacy and business startups
Core Values: PAC – IT
  • Professionalism
  • Accountable
  • Customer centered
  • Integrity
  • Transparency


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