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Brief Description of what KAASON (U) LTD Does:

KAASON (U) LTD carries out value addition and trading in organic grains in Uganda. At KAASON, we pride in good relations with our suppliers who are indigenous farmers from Mt. Elgon area, the plains of Teso and Acholi land. We sort, clean, dry and pack grains like maize, millet and sorghum for the final consumer. We are also to carry out value addition in terms of milling the grains in to flour for both adults and children consumption.

Vision Statement:

To be a leading provider of Quality and healthy organic grains in Africa by 2027

Mission Statement:

Healthy feeding for humanity

Strategic Objectives
  • To provide high quality grains to the consumer
  • To provide healthy grains that are disease free to the consumer
  • To train and sensitize farmers in post-harvest handling techniques
  • To provide and train rural women on financial literacy and business startups
Core Values: PAC – IT
  • Professionalism
  • Accountable
  • Customer centered
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

s it safe to say that you are trapped in work that you could do without definitely? Or on the other hand rather, do you appropriately loathe it and disdain fooling around? Is it safe to say that you are searching for a new, simple, and better method for procuring $100 per day? So why not do it on the web? All in all, the Web is the fundamental lucrative machine of the 21st hundred years!

1. Paid reviews

Might you at any point truly bring in cash with online studies?

Organizations that compensation for statistical surveying might want to pay you for your viewpoints on their items and administrations. They can utilize the reactions given by reviews to make enhancements to their items, administrations, and advertising methodologies.

While taking reviews on the web, it’s essential to realize that there are many variables that influence your profit. Whether you are finishing many reviews or only a couple, whether you are reliable or irregular in your support, and the segment data you give, everything influence the amount you procure for your time contributed.

Indeed, that is where you come in. A paid review is fundamentally offering your viewpoint about a help or item and getting compensated for it.

All you should do is join (for nothing!) to a paid internet-based study website and begin bringing in cash! However, be careful with trick destinations that request that you pay to utilize their reviews.

2. Print on request

 Begin making your own print-on-request items today and join the intriguing universe of state-of-the-art business.

You should simply transfer your simulated intelligence craftsmanship plans to sites like Teespring and Printery (Note that Redbubble doesn’t permit you to sell computer-based intelligence plans

3. Live Visit Collaborator

Do you feel happy with conversing with others?

Often, you will help clients by utilizing existing message formats. You should simply choose the right format and send a reaction to the client. After finishing a short instructional meeting, the work will be simple and pleasant.

If you meet the necessities, an astonishing profession in the realm of live visit looks for you.

4.Independent Composition

If you have solid composing abilities and can rapidly get to know a wide range of various subjects in a brief timeframe, then, at that point, you ought to check this out independent composition.

Contingent upon the gig, word count, and client’s financial plan, you can procure less and more than $100 each day. Some word count necessities are under 500 words, yet most are generally somewhere in the range of 1,200 and 2,000 words.

5. Compose supported posts

Supported posts are plain as day. Essentially, organizations and organizations pay you to compose beneficial things about them (their administrations and additionally their items) on their website or blog.

What you really want to do is discussion about an item (or a brand) you like, let your perusers know how you use it, and let them in on how they can profit from it as well.

Presently, the amount you make depends, once more, on a few factors the specialty you are in, how frequently you compose supported posts, who pays you, and so on.

Presently something significant to recollect while composing supported posts is that as a rule, you ought to expound on items and organizations that you like, trust, and have attempted.

They ought to be brands and organizations that you truly feel better about, trust in, and have no issue advancing. Like that, it will be a lot simpler to acquire the trust of your perusers since, supposing that they don’t really accept that that you are certified, it will hurt the development of your site.

6. Training and Meeting

In the event that you are a specialist in a specific field, training is an extraordinary method for bringing in cash on the web. This typically functions admirably assuming you initial put some work into building your web-based brand through your site.

When individuals begin to trust you and understand that you have insight and uprightness, they will begin to move toward you all alone. They will ask you how you got to where you are currently, how you can apply similar thoughts and strategies to your own business thoughts or deeply grounded organizations.

From the get go, you might be enticed to offer out free guidance, however as additional individuals connect with you, you’ll want to begin charging for your interviews.

Once more, how much cash you will procure from your requests will rely upon the specialty you are in.

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