1. The problem KAASON solves for our customers

There is an increase in deterioration of quality grains in Uganda due to poor harvest and storage techniques resulting to high levels of aflatoxins. These cancer-causing molds if not sorted from grains result into an increase in cancer products in the market thereby making the community sick and hence a health burden to the government and lower productivity. We therefore store grains in pest free bags to prolong shelf life and maintain the quality of the grains.

2. What results does KAASON create for her customers?

Therefore, KAASON ensures that the farmers supply grains that are grown in organic fertile soils, sorts aflatoxins from grains, cleans the grains to ensure good quality, stores in pest free bags to prolong shelf life and maintain the quality of the grains, packaging or milling them.

3. Who does your KAASON serve?

KAASON serves schools, the general public and farmers who buy good quality grains from us for planting

4. Why do we do what you do?

Our passion is to make other people live better lives to their full potential. So at KAASON, we provide jobs for rural women who are disadvantaged. In our store, the rural women sign for grains on credit but at wholesale price. They sell the grains at retail price and they bring back our premium as they take the profits. Furthermore, women and youths are employed in sorting, drying and packing of these grains for a wage hence earning a living.

We also pride in seeing people live their lives to full potential but providing them with good quality and healthy food stuffs that are free from harmful contamination of aflatoxins, pesticides and metals from fertilizers.

5. Why should customers choose us?

Right quality in the right amounts without biases and cheating for healthy living.

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